About ClickRaiser

We’re on a mission to help schools raise funds in the easiest and most effective way possible. Traditional fund-raising efforts, such as bake sales and car washes, come complete with a variety of challenges: Students and parents are often asked to be “door-to-door salespeople,” paperwork and donation tracking are confusing and time-consuming and, often, collection of funds after the fundraiser create ongoing frustrations.

ClickRaiser turns traditional fund-raising into a streamlined process that provides funds for your organization simply by asking people to do what they’re already doing–shopping online. As a student’s family and friends shop online using ClickRaiser, at online stores they already frequent, a portion of their purchases go to your fund-raising efforts. It’s that simple.

The need for efficiency and creative ways to generate funds has never been greater. Let us show you what a profound difference we can make in your school fund-raising. You’re a few clicks away from an exciting new opportunity that will benefit your kids and your school.

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